Day 1
17 Jun 2017

The Adventure of the Unexpected

Every unexpected event, good or bad, can become an opportunity to learn something new, discover something greater, and find unexpected companions on our journey. A discussion on this year’s theme chaired by...
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Mary Morgan
Ard Louis
Dr Rowan Williams
13:00 - 14:00


Embracing the Unexpected

The unexpected can become an opportunity even when it occurs in the form of undesired personal and social crisis. This event will examine how embracing even negative circumstances can lead...
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Samara Levy
Rose Busingye

Javert Derailed

In the novel Les Misérables, Victor Hugo’s character of Javert, the police inspector who becomes obsessed with the relentless and self- destructive pursuit of justice, offers an example of how...
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Ending session

Thanks for participating, see you next year!